Sunday, May 21, 2017

OPI Nail Polish Collection, California Dreaming. Swatches on #WOC

The OPI Nail Polish Summer Collection "California Dreaming" launched May 2017.

OPI invites their consumers to take a trip to their home state through this vibrant collection. There are nudes, pinks, vibrant peaches and corals, even a few shimmers included in this colorful vacation so, let's take a look!
Twelve shades, 10 crème and 2 shimmer. $10 each.

Feeling Frisco

Barking Up The Wrong Sequoia

Excuse Me, Big Sur!

Malibu Pier Pressure

Time For a Napa

GPS I Love You

Me MySelfie & I

Santa Monica Beach Peach

This is Not Whine Country

To the Mouse House We Go!

Sweet Carmel Sunday

Don't Take Yosemite for Granite
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