Thursday, March 16, 2017

Girl's Room Makeover | DIY | KID'S ROOM

Our daughters needed a room makeover and Mommy and Daddy delivered the perfect room for our princesses and we saved a lot of money by doing DIY's and using a lot of imagination. We incorporated everything the girl's loved in their room decor and we think it's a colorful, delightful kids room.
Please watch this video, share and let these little ladies know you loved their room makeover with a huge thumbs up!

Black Mermaids Vinyl Wall Decals-
Paint "Enchanted Pink"-Walmart
Posters "Dory" and "Minecraft"-Walmart
Sea Green Rug -Target
Bunk Bed-
Chalk Board 17X23 -
Closet Covering 42X84 -
Disney Night Light-
Mini Chandelier -
Calego Fold Away Doll House -
Vizio T.V 32' -
T.V. Cord Manager-
Frozen Twin Sheet and Blanket Set- Walmart
Valspar Flat White "Blinds" -Home Depot
Valspar Flat White "Beds"- Home Depot
Valspar "Lavender Lake" Dresser -Home Depot
Valspar "Pool Party" Chair -Home Depot


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