Sunday, November 27, 2016

What is Binge Masking???? I've got your answer!

Masks have become a trending topic these days. We have sheet masks, clay masks, fruit masks, magnetic masks and even bubble masks! Now, we have a phenomenon called "Binge Masking".

Binge Masking (as explained by Fresh) "The ritual of applying multiple masks, one after the other, and rinsing in between".

My husband and I had a great time Binge Masking with some facial masks I received from Fresh recently. The package included:
  1. Vitamin Nectar Face Mask-
  2. Umbrian Clay Mask-
  3. Rose Face Mask-
  4. Black Tea Mask-
We decided to use the "Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask", "Rose Face Mask" and "Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask" for the PURE PERFECTION recipe suggested by fresh.

The #bingemasking with those 3 masks left our skin feeling cleaner and brighter than ever. Each masks had different benefits that our skin needed and definitely appreciated. Two days later my skin is soft and supple. Thanks Fresh! I will be on a binge again this week.
Face Mask
100 ml $62.00

100 ml $62.00

100 ml $92.00

100 ml $62.00

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