Monday, September 26, 2016

SoCozy Hair Products for kids, how does it work on Afro-Textured Hair? "Natural Hair".

SoCozy is a hair care brand that is specifically targeted at kids hair needs. The products range from shampoos and conditioners to styling mousse and gels.

The brand has fun packaging that is different for each of the product lines, they include:

  • Cinch -The Basics
  • Boing-Curl
  • Boo-Lice Scaring
  • Splash-Swim
First of all, I love that the products are made with non-toxic ingredients No Parabens, No Sulfates, and they are free of Peanuts and Tree nuts. Children (and adults) that suffer with nut allergies have to be so careful and this brand really took care to think of them. The SoCozy Products DO NOT contain synthetic perfumes and dyes. Their motto is: "NO NASTIES"

I decided to try the SoCozy brand on my children (Youtube's LittleMindCatchers)who are African-American girls and they both have afro-textured hair. We tried the Boing-Curl product line and a detangler from the Cinch line to see how the products would work for us. 
I was very pleased with the scent of the products and so were the girls. The shampoo lathered well and rinsed out well. I then used the conditioner in the Boing line and under the water the hair felt very soft and silky however, when the hair began to air dry I realized that I may need a little more help to keep the hair manageable so, I sprayed the detangler and it worked like a dream. It kept their kinks and coils nice and loose, long enough for me to style the hair for both girls. 

I will tell any parents of afro-textured children that their hair will need essential oils and added moisture in-between washes. I use my Castor Oil, Olive Oil and other pomades on my children's scalp and hair when using the product because OUR hair needs more moisture than the products provide. However, as a parent, I am happy that SoCozy is a company that I can trust with my children's hair and I would definitely recommend it to parents of ALL races. 

Here is a video showing our first shampoo with the SoCozy products and initial thoughts.

LittleMindCatchers Instagram Link

Watch the "LittleMindCatchers" on Youtube

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