Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Nanshy Masterful Collection | Makeup Brush Review

Searching for some fabulous yet affordable makeup brushes? I have just the set for you!

The Masterful Collection Brush Set from Nanshy is absolute perfection for the makeup beginner or the seasoned makeup connoisseur.

The Masterful Collection has 12 full size brushes. All soft, synthetic, antibacterial bristles. 100% vegan, cruelty free and approved by PETA.org.

The sleek and professional size and look of these brushes are really amazing. (This Collection is also available in white). The packaging is very nice, not a cheesy or cheap box at all.
Each brush handle is smooth and speckled with a little silver, which makes a fun design. The name "Nanshy" is imprinted on the ferrule of each brush as well.

These brushes are also extremely easy to clean!!! All of the pictures below were taken after, my first use and not a trace of foundation or eye shadow is left behind.

Shown in original packaging.

Top to Bottom: Powder Brush, Blush Brush and Stippling Brush.

Top to Bottom: Contouring Brush and Foundation Brush.

Top to Bottom: Bending Brush, Crease Brush.

Top to Bottom: Shader Brush and Pencil Brush.

Top to Bottom: Liner Brush and Angled Detailer.

Closed Lip Brush.

Opened lip brush.

I have done a full face makeup tutorial using the Nanshy Masterful Collection and I was blown away by how seamless my application looked. The brushes felt beyond soft as I applied my Foundation and Powder. The blending brush was perfect for my hooded eyes and reminds me very much of the Mac Cosmetics 217 blending brush. The crease brush stole the show with its precision. Overall, one of the best makeup applications I've had in a very long time.To purchase these lovely brushes in time for the holidays, please click this link: Nanshy Brushes 

Feel free to use 10% off discount code:  KFHW3N7V

Please Checkout My Makeup Tutorial using each of these brushes in detail.

*These Brushes were sent to me for Free and my Honest Review.*

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