Saturday, September 10, 2016

ColourPop's Best Brown Lippie Pencils for Autumn.

I've been searching the ColourPop website for the best brown "Lippie Pencils" for the FALL and I think I've found my winners!

The Colour Pop Lippie Pencils are known to be creamy and non-tugging on the lips. They also have great wearing time. At $5 a POP you can't beat the quality.

The first up is "KAE" which was introduced in the Colour Pop/Karrueche Collaboration. It's listed as
-A deep warm yellow brown.

Next, "Pitch" which is listed as a -Rich blackened chocolate brown.

Third, is "Creature" listed as- A deepened blackened burgundy red in a matte finish.

Lastly, is "Rooch" which was also part of the ColourPop/Karrueche Collaboration. It's listed as-
A deepened Russet Wine. USA, LLC

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