Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How to Make those Natural Curls POP!

So many times I am asked to tell someone what I'm using in my hair. "How do you get you hair to do that" they say. Well, there are several products that I use but they are always the same TYPE of products.
1. Water
2. Leave-In Conditioner
3. Styling Cream
4. Gel or Edge Control

I find that these few simple products give me the look I want very quickly and I look like I've done so much!
It's all about learning what products work well in your hair and trying them in different orders could help as well. If you've already tried the LOC METHOD and it hasn't worked well then take the same products and try the LCO METHOD instead. In this video link, I show you how I take my dry Afro and turn it into a beautifully moisturized masterpiece! How To POP Those Natural Curls

Here are some products that my Natural Hair has been loving!
It's the Taliah Waajid Shea-Coco Collection. Everything in the collection is between 97% and 100% natural.

1. Style Cream for 3C-4C curl patterns-
2. Curl Souffle for 2C-4A curl patterns-
3. Daily Leave-In Conditioner-
4. Co-Wash-
5. Monoi Oil-

Products are available at Target, Walmart, Sally's and some local Beauty Supply Stores. 
Amazon direct links above. Full Review Video USA, LLC

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