Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bright and Bold Makeup for Women of Color

This is a collaboration with 4 other gorgeous women on Youtube. We've chosen to do a colorful theme for you and we hope that you'll watch, thumbs up, and enjoy! Please visit all the channels listed below and tell them, TheMindCatcher sent you!

MsShayLove- https://youtu.be/nNaSp50D4UQ
FacesByStacye- https://youtu.be/SnrdYIahSF4
S'Jae TV Dynasty- https://youtu.be/E6OLNLS2AaY
MakeupByCawansa- https://youtu.be/SJ27BJ2v1Uw

Makeup Products Used:
1. Elf Primer-https://goo.gl/ighT1o
2. Coastal Scents Shadows-"Coconut Husk", "Edgy Eggplant", "Georgia Peach", "Violetta", CMO8?, "Antique Lilac".
3. MakeUpForEver Aqua XL Pencils- https://goo.gl/90v0Gb
4. Inglot Duraline-https://goo.gl/jgft7j
5. ColourPop Eye Shadows-"Juicer" & "Sour"
6. Girlactik Eye Marker-https://goo.gl/Olgc2n
7. Pur Fully Charged Mascara-https://goo.gl/yOrOM0
8. House Of Lashes "Iconic"-
9. Rimmel London Gel Liner-https://goo.gl/2KrdW9
10. Too Faced Glitter Insurance-https://goo.gl/D6lnDT
11. Sacha Cosmetics Glitter "Rainbow"
12. MakeUpForEver Nourishing Pimer-https://goo.gl/UTsr5g
13. ABH Cream Contour Kit "Deep"-https://goo.gl/aQEWpe
14. Milani 2-in-1 Foundation "Chestnut"-https://goo.gl/MTpUOy
15. Pur Cameo Stick "Dark"-https://goo.gl/n6gCNq
16. Sacha Buttercup Powder-https://goo.gl/88z23P
17. Black Radiance Powder "Ebony"- https://goo.gl/19Wj58
18. BR Soft Focus Powder "Milk Chocolate"-https://goo.gl/si19Zr
19. Mac Cosmetics Blush "Fever"-https://goo.gl/IZjVWu
20. Milani "Innocence" Lipstick-https://goo.gl/OOc5B5
21. Milani "Matte Passion" Lipstick.-https://goo.gl/V3nIg1
22. Ruby Kisses Lipstick "Purple Affair"-https://goo.gl/kZTYc3


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