Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Becca Cosmetics X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Swatches-Limited Edition & Why have they stopped the release of the eye shadow palette?

Becca Cosmetics and Youtube Beauty Guru Jaclyn Hill, joined forces once again to create the Champagne Collection
If you were not already aware about how well the first collaboration performed (Champagne Pop Highlighter) then you must not be an avid Jaclyn Hill fan like myself and many others in the beauty community. "Champagne Pop" sales went through the roof because the product was just so darn good. "Champagne Pop" was however, a little more difficult for darker skin tones to wear so, Becca and Jaclyn had the brilliant idea to join forces and give us another fabulous shade called "Prosecco Pop" and 3 blush shades "Rose Spritz", "Ameretto" and "Pamplemousse" in the new, limited edition, Champagne Collection Face Palette. $52 sold Exclusively at Sephora.com and in-store 6/16

 The packaging is beautiful. Jaclyn's name appears both outside and inside the palette.
 The palette actually looks like a beautiful clutch purse with golden confetti all over.

As you can see, all the shades in this face palette are absolutely gorgeous and highly pigmented, 
even on darker skin tones. I am in love with "Prosecco Pop" and sometimes I mix both highlighters together for an extra glowy look.

Champagne Collection Eye Shadow Palette

This eye shadow palette has been pulled from store shelves before it arrived. There were so many reviews stating that the eye shadows were not up to par with the notoriously awesome products we're used to from Becca Cosmetics. I for one had never owned any eye shadows from Becca Cosmetics before receiving the Face and Eye Palettes through  Becca PR so I had no prior knowledge of Becca eye shadows pigmentation or blend-ability.
I can say that the palette didn't perform as well as I expected but, I was able to make it work in this tutorial. Becca and Jaclyn Hill Tutorial (Dark Skin) edition  price would've been listed at $40
Here are the swatches:
 Gorgeous packaging once again.
 Nice choice of Neutral Shades
L to R: Chardonnay, Champagne Toast, Cordial, Cognac, Bordeaux.
Unfortunately, shades didn't swatch as well as many had hoped (including myself). Pigmentation was lackluster and had to be swatched more than once for the swatches you see in this pic. The matte shades were the worst in the palette but, you can work with the metallic shades. *Tip-Wetting your brush before application may help.

There are other Items that are a part of this collection: "1.7 oz Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop" & "0.19 oz Shimmering Skin Perfector Creme in Champagne Pop".

Purchase the Face Palette Here

I am very pleased that Becca Cosmetics saw fault in their product and decided to pull it, rather than allowing people to purchase a disagreeable product. It shows us great valor on their behalf.

I will continue to purchase products from Becca Cosmetics and I hope you will as well.

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