Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lancome's Advanced Genifique on Oily Skin

Advanced Genifique is one of the products that has turned my skin around. I realized that I needed to make a few positive changes in my skincare routine because, although my skin was oily, it was still dull and unhappy with the way I'd been treating it.
Before using Advanced Genifique, my skin and I had an on again off again relationship. I would put on mud masks and purchase expensive lotions but I wasn't using them in a way that was beneficial to my skin until Genifique was introduced to me.

This is a very lightweight serum. After washing my face I apply the Genifique. The bottles unique design helps you pump out the perfect amount your skin needs. It dissolves into my skin like a dream and instantly creates a smooth, soft surface. Then, I follow with my regular moisturizer. That's it!

I feel like Advanced Genifique helps all my other skincare products work to maximum performance. My skin has never felt so smooth and it's never looked so radiant. My makeup applies so effortlessly! My brushes glide across my face without any tugging or pulling.

I know that Advanced Genifique is a bit pricey at $78.00 for 1.0 oz. However, it is well worth it. Your skin will thank you! If you'd like more info on Lancome's products please Click this link.

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