Thursday, October 15, 2015

Right Sized Makeup at a sensible price! Stowaway Cosmetics

While everything in our lives is getting bigger; bills, cell phones, waistlines....something is finally getting smaller and for good reason.

The two brilliant minds behind Stowaway Cosmetics are Chelsa Crowley and Julie Fredrickson. Their idea was simple, minimalist packaging and portability for the busy woman. Thus, women will actually use the product in its entirety before it expires, there won't be as much waste in our environment, and we can carry everything we need easily. Simple!

I appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the packaging; sleek, rubberized tubes and containers that feel soft to the touch,
Great Price point; Everything is between $10-$22. The "Stowaway Kit" $75 contains 6 products.
Products like the "Cheek and Lip Rouge" uses less space than a lipstick and a blush would in my makeup bag.
I'm a woman of color and the products show up well on my brown skin tone. I'm amazed!
Please watch my live Swatch Video of Stowaway Cosmetics products.

Click Here Stowaway and use code: "TheMindCatcher" for $15 off any order over $60.

Right Sized

Cheek and Lip Rouge

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