Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bdellium Tools Makeup? | New Lip Crayons Review and Swatches

Bdellium Tools has bamboo brushes, anti-bacterial, eco friendly, special fx, travel brushes, professional brushes and Now MAKEUP!!!

The newest edition to the Bdellium Tools website are the new Auto Lip Crayons. These crayons currently come in 7 shades and sell for 10 bucks each. In my opinion they pack a lot of pigment and give a very succulent look to the lips. The auto lip crayons are very moisturizing and give pretty long lasting wear for a product that is not matte.

The packaging is very nice and sleek. There is a strip of color on each tube to show you the color inside. BDellium Tools Auto Lip Crayons

My favorite auto lip crayon is "Helen of Troy". It's such a beautiful lilac/nude and looks great on darker skintones, especially when paired with a brown lip liner as shown in the picture below.

"Helen of Troy"

"Kadooment Orange"

"Lil Red"

"Pink Cadillac"

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