Saturday, August 29, 2015

ColourPop Limited Edition "Sundays In Silverlake" Lippie Stix Collection Swatches/Review

ColourPop is always doing something brand new and exciting. They have come out with several collections in these recent months and we are LOVING them! Take a look at these.
ColourPop is the same company that came out of nowhere and literally blew us out of the water with their spongy, highly pigmented eye shadows. Then they came out with blushes and lippie Stix. Now, they have highlighters, lip creams, lip pencils and bronzers.

ColourPop has so much to choose from I just couldn't make up my mind. I'm so glad they came out with Lippie Stix Collections this Summer so, I could get 6 lippie Stix at one time, with different finishes and colors. This truly helps me narrow down my favorite finish (being that it's my first lippie stix purchase).

The price of this collection is $30 and the price of each individual lippie stix on the website is $5 so, it's not a discounted item.

Surprisingly, I'm in love with the new Hyper Glossy Finish. It makes my lips look amazing! My favorite color out of the group is "Parker".

Packaging is very beautiful and colorful.

The inside of the box is just as festive as the outside.
Shade: "Thirsty" -satin finish

Shade: "Ace" -cream finish

Shade: "Chella" -cream finish

Shade: "Cougar" -matte finish

Shade: "Parker" -matte finish 

Shade: "Pasties" -hyper glossy finish
Do you have a favorite Lippie Stix from ColourPop? Please share your favs below!

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