Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Nude and Neutral Lipsticks/Liners| WOC Approved

As a women of color, don't you just hate going to the store trying to guess what lip color would look great on your skin tone? There aren't exactly many promotions showing brown models and let's not even talk about foundation shade ranges. Well, hopefully you'll find these lippies suitable to your skin tones and if you have any more to add to the list, please comment below! Thanks!

Here are some of my favorites! They are all Nudes and Neutral Lip products that I love and I hope you will too!

1. "Hug Me" (Lustre)-Mac Cosmetics
2. "Velvet Teddy" (Matte)-Mac Cosmetics
3. "Syrup" (Lustre)-Mac Cosmetics
4. "Stone" (Matte)-Mac Cosmetics
5. "Desert" Lip Gloss Nyx Cosmetics
6. "So Natural" -Black Opal Cosmetics
7. "Matte Naked" -Milani Cosmetics
8. "London" Soft Matte Lip Cream-Nyx Cosmetics
9. "Chestnut" Lip Liner-Mac Cosmetics
10. "Cork" Lip Liner-Mac Cosmetics
11. "Cappuccino" Lip Liner- Nyx Cosmetics
12. "Toast" Lip Liner -Nyx Cosmetics
13. "Chocolate" Lip Liner- Nyx Cosmetics
14. "Nutmeg" Lip Liner-Nyx Cosmetics
15. "Soft Brown" Lip liner -Nyx Cosmetics
16. "Mahogany" Lip Liner -Nyx Cosmetics

Neutral & Nude Lip Swatch Video

Black Opal Beauty

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