Monday, June 8, 2015

The Real Deal about FitTea and FitTea Fat Burner

I've seen a lot of reviews on youtube about and I wanted to give my two cents about the products and how they really work for real people.
I am a plus sized women whose been looking for ways to curve my appetite and just create an overall healthier version of me. While searching the web I saw so many reviews on Fit Tea and I saw so many people posting pics on Instagram that I couldn't resist the urge to go to the website and check it out myself.
The website was filled with testimonials and pictures of happy clients. However, most of those clients were already on the thinner side and just needed to shed 10 pounds or less. I needed to find someone that was truly overweight, tired all the time, and usually doesn't have time exercise. That's when I decided to review the Fit Tea myself! I mean...I trust my own opinion.

I purchased the 28 day Detox for $45 and within 3 days it arrived to my house. The first thing I noticed was how great it smelled when I opened the packaging. It definitely wasn't that nasty health food store smell I've grown to despise. There were little tea bags inside and you could litarally "See" most of the ingredients (they are organic by the way). I boiled my water and threw the tea bag inside, I waited about 3 minutes and sipped a little bit. To my surprise the tea was great! I could definitely taste a little ginger in it and a few fruity notes but for the most part it was soft and subtle. After drinking all my tea I went about my regular days work and nothing dramatic happened at all.

After about 2 weeks of drinking Fit Tea in the morning before my breakfast I noticed that I was bit less bloated and I was going to the restroom for bowel movements every morning. No stimulation! I felt much more energized and my ongoing heartburn and acid reflux had significantly minimized! I was feeling awesome. My menstrual cycle even resulted in less water weight gain and bloat for the month.

I can not attest to any dramatic weight loss or gain while drinking the Fit Tea however, I can tell you that my energy level and digestion was effected in a good way and I will definitely repurchase the tea.

I have also started the Fit Tea Fatburner with African Mango Complex. It states that it increases metabolism, boost energy and is a powerful antioxidant protection. You're supposed to take two capsules before breakfast and lunch with 8 ounces of water. So far the energy is AMAZING! I'm up with my kids and taking care of my household responsibilities super quickly. I feel great and I'm noticing my clothes getting a bit roomier. I will have an update to this blog post once I've completed the first month of the fat burner and I'll be sure to weigh myself for a great comparison and contrast.

My overall opinion of FitTea is that it does what it says! I love the system and I'm going to continue using it for my daily routine. I've also decided to do some mild 30 minute exercise sessions every morning this summer to see how much more of a change I'll see in my overall appearance while using these products.

Have you tried If so, how do you like it? Please leave comments below.

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