Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jordana Cosmetics "New Edition" Dramatic Effects Mascara

Jordana Cosmetics is at it again with some new released mascaras and eyeliners. Click this link to see just what all the hype is about!
Jordana Cosmetics has introduced colorful mascaras! Yes, what better way to celebrate Spring and Summer than with a splash of unexpected color on your eyelashes. I think this mascara is perfect for those who aren't lash wearers and want to experiment with something new or the young in spirit, age, and heart who just want to show their individuality!

The mascara's come in so many amazing and fun shades:
#51 Bold Burgundy, #52 Fearless Fuchsia, #53 Electric Pink, #54 Powerful Plum, 
#55 Vivid Violet, #56 Sapphire Chic, #57 Aqua Flash, #58 Teal Frenzy, & #59 Green Glamour.

Left Eye #59 Green Glamour- Right eye #53 Electric Pink.
Here I am wearing "53 Electric Pink".

I've tried two of the shades on my eyelashes and the overall color is very vivid, even on dark hair. However, I did have to apply 2 heavy coats with both of the shades I experimented with. If you have lighter colored hair I imagine the color should be explosive!   
The only Con I have with this mascara is the how huge the wand is. It was very hard to get close to my eyelid without getting mascara on my skin (as you can see in the above photo) this could easily be remedied with a Q-tip and makeup remover:o)
Shade shown  #56 Sapphire Chic.

On a positive note, I love the formula of this mascara because it really pulled out lashes I never knew I had. It made them appear thicker and longer. 
This mascara sets very fast as well. It took a lot of elbow grease to wipe it away, even with makeup wipes. 
The mascara has its shelf life listed on each container, which is 6 months...about average for a mascara.

As soon as, pricing is available I will add it's retail value to this post. In the meantime, have fun playing in your makeup and CYBER KISSES xoxox


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