Tuesday, April 21, 2015

JBCO-Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Natural Hair Growth. Which one should I use?

Which Jamaican Black Castor Oil is the most effective? Where can I buy it? Is there a difference? Click to find out!

This video is about the effects Black Jamaican Castor Oil has had on our natural hair. It also shows different types of Castor Oil and which one has been most effective in our natural hair growth journey.

Our favorite Black Jamaican Castor Oil can be found at:
D & J Discount Food Market
18081 NW 27th Avenue
Miami Gardens, Fl. 33056

Amazon Link "Sunny Isle extra dark Castor Oil" shown in video:

Blue Magic Castor Oil Grease shown in video:

Hair Growth

Hair Growth

Our Last Hair Styling Video: https://youtu.be/4SWOPkuzKrg

Also, checkout mommies channel for previous hair maintainence videos starring LittleMindCatchers, here's a link to a great natural hair style video: http://youtu.be/o_ZK-otNXnE

Our Mommies Beauty Blog: www.TheMindCatchers.Blogspot.com

What is our nationality? We are African-American Girls. (We get asked that question alot). We are located in South Florida.

How to Contact Our Representatives: TheMindCatcher@gmail.com

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Camera Used: Canon T3i 50 mm lens.

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