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Swatches-Review-Products from SACHA COSMETICS (exotic skintones)

Sacha Cosmetics was founded 35 years ago and has been dedicated to giving exotic skin tones the best makeup at affordable prices. Sacha Cosmetics hails from the island Trinidad and Tobago.

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Sacha Cosmetics Products Shown:
Blush-"Next to Natural"
Blush-"Burnt Orange"
Second Skin Foundation-"Perfect Spice", "CoCo Beige"&
"Perfect Honey".
Buttercup Setting Powder (Loose) and Pressed.
Pure Jewels Pigments, Fine Glitters and Chunky Glitters.
Sacha Fix It Setting Spray.


Sacha Cosmetics is a brand that's been around for over 35 years. Catering to exotic skin tones and creating products that are appealing on people with deeper complexions. It's easy to see why Sacha Cosmetics has been used and loved by makeup artists internationally.

The awesome pigmentation and selection of Blushes, Lipsticks, Foundation and Eyeshadow is astounding,

Sacha Cosmetics Blushes ($15) Comes in 12 highly pigmented shades. 
Super blendable and soft.

L. "Next to Natural" R. "Burnt Orange"
"Next to Natural" Blush used on the eyelid. Sacha "Second Skin" Foundation in "Perfect Spice". 

Sacha Cosmetics Pure Jewels ($10) Fine Glitters, Chunky Glitters and Pigments. 15.5 g

Each Pure Jewel comes with sifter and protective covering to prevent spills.

Top to Bottom: "Pure Copper", "Shimmering Blue", "Pure Flame", "Pure Gold".

Chunky Glitters
"Pure Glacier" Glitter used on center lid.

Fine Glitters
SACHA Second Skin Foundation can be worn lightly or built up to a full coverage foundation that will leave your skin glowing and never cakey.
Using Sacha Secon Skin Foundation in "Perfect Spice".

SQUEEZE TUBE. Sanitary and Easy to use.

L. to R.: "Pure Honey", "Perfect Spice", "Cocoa Beige".

Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder 1 oz (loose powder)

The Buttercup Setting Powder comes in loose powder form and pressed form.
Extremely Finely Milled, Easy to Blend, great for under eye area or all over face powder for lighter skin tones.

Sacha Cosmetics Setting Spray. Works great to diminish powdery look. Keeps makeup looking fresh All Day!

Overall, I really enjoyed every product shown in this review. My Favs are the "Buttercup Setting Powder" and the "Second Skin" foundation. Please leave a comment letting me know what your favs are from +Sacha Cosmetics and if you'd like to try any items from the line, visit: and use checkout code: VALERIE1  for 15% off your purchase!

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