Saturday, August 2, 2014

ColourPOP Cosmetics Review

ColourPOP Cosmetics is a great new makeup brand that is born and raised in the USA.  Check out these swatches and my thoughts on the products!
I had the pleasure of reviewing ColourPop Cosmetics eyeshadows and I was pleasantly surprised. The packaging is absolutely breathtaking. They really spared no expense at making sure everything looks beautiful. The 6 shadows that I have are: "Rex", "Juicer", "Sunnies", "Sour", "Dare", and "Ibiza".

  • REX-An absolutely gorgeous deep blue with lighter blue and purplish sparkles!
  • JUICER-A bright beautiful yellow tone with golden reflects.
  • SUNNIES-The perfect orangy tone with subtle sparkles that dance across the eye lid like the Sun.
  • SOUR-This color reminds me of a juicy green apple with a sprinkle of shy sparkles.
  • DARE-A gorgeous duo chrome color...Purple and Fuchsia with glitter.HEAVEN! 
  • IBIZA-The perfect summer Miami Beach Blue/Green with sparkles like moving water. It's literally paradise in an eyeshadow. 

Price Point

I think $5 an eyeshadow is a steal compared to some brands that don't have the packaging or pigmentation that colourpop has. I also think 2.1 grams/0.07oz  of eyeshadow will last a good length of time when used correctly.


The beautiful white containers are a pleasant change from most dark or black packaging. The box is a little plain on the outside but when opened it explodes with a splash of vibrant purple/fuchsia screaming, COLOURPOP!!!


These eyeshadow are the POP of color everyone needs in their makeup collection. The shadows have a very strange, spongy, soft texture but they're easy to apply with your fingers or a synthetic brush. 


The pigmentation of these eyeshadows are Amazeballs!!! ColourPop has eyeshadows that have glitter that actually transfer onto the lid super sparkly. Some other brands have eyeshadows with glitter that never sparkle on the lid, or the glitter gets lost in the pigment. 

Quick Tip! Make sure your eyeshadows are tightly closed so they'll maintain their brilliance! Treat these eyeshadows as pressed pigments....carefully.

Overall I give the company 5 out of 5 stars and I can't wait to try more colors from the cosmetic line..especially the NEONS.


Please go over to their website: and check out the other eye shadows for yourself, you won't be disappointed :o)

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