Monday, August 11, 2014

Black Opal Cosmetics| Lipstick Swatches

Black Opal Cosmetics is a fabulous drugstore brand that has been catering to women of color since 1994. I have put together a swatch video showing all the lipstick shades I have in my collection...Please Click!
With products servicing men and women in skincare, makeup, and even haircare, Black Opal has truly made their permenant mark in the world of beauty. In my opinion Black Opal has some of the best lipsticks for women of color. To checkout their fabulous products, please visit their website:

Lipstick Shades shown in video:
1. Platinum Quartz
2. Ebony Wine
3. Fantsia Plum
4 French Pink
5. Copper Kiss
6. Black Currant
7. So Natural
8. Gold Rush
9. Jazzberry
10. Atomic Flame
11. Heat Wave
12. In the Buff
13. Pink Champagne
14. Bon Bon

Black Opal Beauty
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