Thursday, July 3, 2014

Does Personal Microderm Really Work?

I've been using the PMD machine for a little over 3 weeks and I think it's my Fountain of Youth!
The PMD or Personal Microderm machine is a wonder! I've had mine about 3 weeks or so and I've noticed a tremendous change in my blackheads and breakouts. Not to mention, my discoloration and roughness around the cheek area.

Before using the PMD, I thought my skin was fine. I really had it in my mind that all I needed to do was start my skin care regimen that included face wash, toner, astringent, and daily medicated lotion. I used those items foe nearly 2 months and the acne did clear up however, my blackheads were still visible thus, causing discoloration in certain spots around my face. Then, I began using a skin brightener for the dark areas and I noticed that my skin started to peel and rash in those spots, creating rough skin.
Then a miracle happened. I was asked to review the PMD for my youtube channel and give an honest review. I had friends and family members who had gotten microdermabrasion done at their doctors offices and spent hundreds of dollars to have flawless skin so I thought, what the heck! I'll try this first and see if it'll work just as good. To my surprise, it worked even better. I was able to really concentrate on the areas of my skin that needed the most help. I can use the machine on my face and body every 6-7 days and that wait time gives my body a chance to heal and rejuvenate those areas of skin where I exfoliated the dead skin and gross debris that had been blocking my skincare regimen from taking effect.

Visit the website:

Please check out my video below where I'm actually using the machine and watch til the end for a very special offer!

PMD's come in many cute colors!

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