Friday, June 6, 2014

Ruby Kisses Lip Lacquers Review

Could these Lip Lacquers be an affordable dupe for OCC lip tars??? Check out this review with swatches and judge for yourself!
Okay, I finally jumped on the bandwagon and purchased the hottest new lippies in town. The Ruby Kisses Lip Lacquers! These lip lacquers are priced at $3.99 (super affordable) compared to OCC lip tars which are $18. The lip lacquers can be found in your local beauty supply stores or online at many beauty retailers.

I purchased 7 of the Ruby Kisses lip lacquers but I believe there are about 10 to 12 shades in all. I have to admit it is very hard to find all of them in one place, I drove to 3 separate BSS to find the colors I currently have.(Meaning: I'm on a search for the rest).

How to they feel? 
The lip lacquers feel very smooth, not greasy at all. The lacquers feel more like a lip balm than a lip gloss. They also last a long time on the lips and are not drying at all.

How do they smell?
The lacquers have a very subtle sweet smell.

What's the color payoff?
The color of these lacquers are exactly what you see in the packaging! Checkout my pictures below. The colors are Outrageously Pigmented!!!

Is there anything you don't like about the lip lacquers?
The only con of these lacquers is the staining effect some of them have on your lips, hands, clothes or anything that touches it. Namely the shade "Aruba Blue". I swatched these colors on my hands and that particular shade stayed on my hand for two days. My lip print is also on a plastic cup I drank out of while wearing the shade, even after a thorough washing. This can actually be a good thing if your looking for that type of staying power:o)

Final Thoughts:
I absolutely love these lip lacquers and I will include the entire collection in my professional makeup kit, as well as, my personal arsenal. I recommend them to everyone!

"Intense Yellow", "Sexy Red", "Aruba Blue",  "Orange Coral", "Purple Berry",  "Lively Hot Pink", "Naked Nude"
 "Aruba Blue"

 "Purple Berry"

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