Sunday, June 8, 2014

How happy are you about your foundation? What's your favorite cosmetics brand?

Let's just talk about foundation for a bit. How do you feel about your color options as a Woman of Color?

Hey guys!
This was on my mind tonight and I decided to blog about it. How do we really feel about our options in the makeup sections of our local drugstores and cosmetic counters?

Being a woman of color I have always had challenges where cosmetics were concerned, either the company didn't carry foundations as deep as my skin tone or they didn't bother with the brown shades at all. Don't these companies know women of color wear makeup as well? Women of color spend lots of money on fashion, cosmetics, and hair products so, wouldn't it make sense to offer more shades that would be flattering to deeper skin tones?

We're living in a time where there are so many prominent women of color, +Oprah Winffrey , +Beyonce , Jill Scott, India Arie, and +michelleobama  yet, while everyone celebrates these celebrities and they grace the red carpets all over the globe with the finest in fashion, they still need to mix 3-4 foundations to find the correct shade in just about all the higher end companies.

This is why I review and wear companies like "Black|Up Cosmetics", "Iman", "Fashion Fair", "Kevin Aucoin", "Aj Crimson", "Black Opal", 
"Black Radiance", +COVERGIRL Queen Collection, +BHCosmetics ., Mac Cosmetics and Ruby Kisses Cosmetics. These are just a few of the companies I can think of or have used that have a wide shade range. If there are companies out there that do carry a wide range of foundations, whether high end or low end, I challenge them to allow some of our black youtubers to review their foundations and help us get better acquainted with their lines.

What are your thoughts on your currant foundation? Is there a company that I have not mentioned that you'd recommend to women of color?

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