Saturday, June 28, 2014

Black|UP Paris new releases for women of color!

Black|UP Paris never ceases to amaze me with the products they have for women of color. A company that has truly dedicated itself to the REAL issues we have with our skin and shade choices that make it easy to shop. Black|Up Cosmetics.
Please check out their website for more goodies and my other videos using their products, links below!

BlackUpCosmetics Review:

Full Foundation Tutorial with Black Up Cosmetics:

Products used in this video:
Black Up Cosmetics "CC Cream Multi-Action" in shade "CC03"
Black Up Cosmetics "Perfect Matifying Primer"
Black Up Cosmetics  Lipstick "36M" and "38M" the 'M' stands for Matte.
Black Up Cosmetics "New Radiance Concealer" in shade
"NCOS 03"

The "CC Cream Multi-Action" is absolutely fabulous! I've never used such a lightweight product with as much coverage as this one has. It truly did correct my discoloration without making me look ashy.

The "Perfect Matifying Primer" is great! I keep it in my professional kit at all times and I've gotten rave reviews from clients. It smooths your skin in such a way that your foundation simply glides on.

The "Matte" Lipsticks. These two lipsticks that I reviewed in this video are superb as far as color pay off and texture. They remind me a lot of the Retro Matte lipsticks from Mac Cosmetics. they have just the right amount of movement but they don't feather off the lips.

The "New Radiance Concealer". This product spreads wonderfully and works well with my creasing under eye area. It is a rich formula that dries to a matte (non cakey or ashy) finish.

This video is showing a step by step tutorial using some of Black|UP Cosmetic's new products and my honest opinion of them all. Click to Watch!

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