Friday, May 23, 2014

Most Popular MAC EYESHADOWS with swatches

These are 30 of the most popular eyeshadows from Mac Cosmetics so, if you're trying to create your own palette, this video will be extremely helpful to you.

Names of Mac Eyeshadows shown in order on video and finishes:
1. Saddle-Matte
2. Handwritten-Matte2
3. Expensive Pink-Veluxe Pearl
4. Soft Brown-Matte
5. Woodwinked-Veluxe Pearl
6. Da Bling-Veluxe Pearl
7. Coppering-Veluxe Pearl
8. Sketch-Velvet
9. Twinks-Veluxe Pearl
10. Amber Lights-Frost
11. Stars and Rockets-Veluxe Pearl
12. Swiss Chocolate-Matte
13. Club-Satin
14. Folie-Satin
15. Carbon-Matte
16. Sumptuous Olive-Veluxe Pearl
17. Texture-Velvet
18. Rice Paper-Frost
19. Rule-Matte
20. Humid-Frost
21. Satin Taupe-Frost
22. Embark-Matte
23. Arena-Satin
24. Tempting-Lustre
25. Brown Script-Matte2
26. Deep Truth-Frost
27. All that Glitters-Veluxe PearL
28. Antiqued-Veluxe Pearl
29. Trax-Velvet
30. Beauty Marked-Velvet


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This video was filmed using the Canon Rebel T3i with 50 mm lens.
Edited with Windows Movie Maker.

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