Saturday, April 19, 2014

Our Generation Doll "Abrianna" Review

What little girl doesn't like a beautiful doll she can learn and pretend with? The -Our Generation- dolls are absolutely fabulous and they are made with ALL children in mind. Watch this informative video review given by the 4 year old owner of her very first Our Generation Doll "Abrianna".

The "Our Generation" Dolls are absolutely gorgeous and they have such personality! These dolls were made by the company Battat Inc. They are a family run business that have been making family focused products for over 100 years. The dolls, accessories and books can be purchased through their website and at Target Stores. The company donates 10 cents for every toy purchased from their line to "Free the Children". "Free the Children" is the worlds largest network of children helping children through education in the world.

*Disclaimer* This doll was gifted to my daughter as a birthday present from a family member. We have not received any compensation from Battat Inc. for this honest review.

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