Monday, April 28, 2014

How to apply False Lashes. Step by Step Tutorial

Ever wanted to try false eyelashes but, you just don't know where to begin? Try looking at this tutorial. I take you on an easy, step by step journey from drab to FAB!!!
Step 1: Choose your favorite lash. Lashes can range from Beauty Supply Store cheap to +Saks Fifth Avenue chic.

Step 2: Choose your glue/adhesive. You want to find a glue that best suits your look and of course works great. My favorite eyelash glues are "Duo Dark-Tone" and "+Revlon Trends Lash Glue". I
I'd rather use the dark tone lash glues because they blend very well with my mascara, liquid liner and gel liners.

Step 3: The necessary tools! I always use my hands and a pair of tweezers. I use my hand to place the lash as close to my real lash line as possible and the tweezers to squeeze the lashes into my own. (as you will see in the video tutorial provided)
Remember: False eyelashes should be attached to the SKIN at the very base of your eyelid, not the hair itself! If the lashes are glued to your real lashes, you'll run the risk of pulling your real lashes out from the root! OUCH!!!

*You can remove your lashes by simply applying a little petroleum jelly, coconut oil, or olive oil to your lid and when the glue weakens, safely remove the lash.

Please watch this very detailed video below and let me know if it helps! ~Cyber Kisses

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