Wednesday, April 2, 2014

BH Cosmetics Foundation Review and Swatches

BH Cosmetics Foundation is pretty good and affordable check it out!

+BH Cosmetics is absolutely worth it for the price. I have spent more money on higher end foundations that have done absolutely nothing for my appearance.

This liquid foundation was medium to full coverage, (Covered most of my blemishes well) and whatever it didn't cover the BH Cosmetics concealer most definitely did the job.

The scent of the foundation was light and fresh.

The foundation applied smooth and felt cool/refreshing to my skin.

I do recommend using a good, long lasting primer for oily skin types. For my application, I tried something new as a primer which was -Phillips "Milk of Magnesia"-. I know it sounds horrific but, believe me it works like a dream. My foundation stayed in place without a oil blot pad for 4 hours. I never had to re-apply foundation during the day at all. I will do a separate blog post for those who want to know more about the "Milk of Magnesia", simply leave a comment below:o)

I had the pleasure of using the foundation on a client recently and she absolutely loved the results. Her skin looked radiant and even toned.
This brings me to the point of creating a makeup kit for beginners. I think that BH Cosmetics foundations are a wonderful idea for stocking your makeup kit with a wide range of color. The regular price of the foundations is $8.95 each, however, BH Cosmetics regularly has a sale on their site and I was able to purchase all the shades for $3.95 each:o)

Overall, I'm really enjoying my purchase and I hope that this helped you if you were on the ropes about your purchase.

All the shades of foundation are swatched and named in the video.

Please visit BH Cosmetics website for details and pricing:  Please sign up for their newsletter to keep up with their new sale items:o)

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