Saturday, April 19, 2014

How to get rid of acne FAST!!!

How to get rid of acne fast! Clean and Clear has become my new staple daily skin care routine. The 3 in 1 system has left my skin feeling extra clean and clear with less breakouts! Watch this detailed video of my experience!

This stuff really works!

I'm a person that likes to see proof that something works and I want fast results. Clean and Clear did exactly that.

My usual monthly period begins with several new pimples across my forehead or painful zits on my nose. I got tired of breakouts because I love to do makeup tutorials on my Youtube Channel: ( and having an active breakout means my makeup won't look smooth and I feel like HD simply amplifies the fact that there's imperfections on my face! LOL

  • Step 1: Is the Foaming Facial Cleanser and I reach for that one the most because of the easy to use pump. I've been using it with a simple soft white washcloth and once a week I use my exfoliating sponge I picked up from my local Big Lots.
  • Step 2: Is the Deep Cleaning Astringent. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! This Astringent does have a very warm feeling on the skin. Remember to keep it away from your eyes because it does have a menthol/type vapor that makes me tear up a bit. It cleans away left over dirt and makeup from my pores excellently.
  • Step 3: Is the Dual Action Moisturizer. I'm a bit on the fence about this moisturizer because using it for a few day dried certain spots on my skin a lot. It gave me a ashy look under my makeup in those spots and (that's a no-no!). However, I corrected the issue by using the 1st two steps and using my regular fragrance free moisturizer instead.
Please be sure to checkout the Clean and Clear website to see ALL the other wonderful products they have to offer. 
Clean and Clear is part of the Johnson and Johnson Family of Consumer Companies.

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