Monday, March 24, 2014


This hair is giving me so much LIFE!!! So soft, all cuticles facing the same direction for a non-tangled, smooth and natural look. Check Out this review of LUXE VIRGIN HAIR! +Gold22
I'm a natural diva who needed a break from all the manipulation I was doing to my hair. I know my hair felt the same way! LOL I've decided to do protective styling using this fabulous hair.

I'm going to create a wig using these two packs of Luxe Virgin Hair and a remy hair closure from a different company. I plan to use a dome cap and apply 4 combs (2 in front, 2 in back) so that I can safely secure the wig to my natural hair without using harmful glue or adhesive strips.

I like creating full wigs that I can remove because I hate sleeping with an install and I love the idea of being able to wash, condition, oil and treat my natural hair often.

This is just the first in a few videos and posts detailing my experience with Luxe Remy Hair and please stay tuned for my wig install video post as I take you step by step in the creation of the wig!

Luxe Virgin Remy Hair

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