Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bleaching and Coloring Remy Hair

Hey Guys! Watch this youtube video showing my step by step bleaching and coloring my Chocolate Bundle Remy Hair.
This hair is the most affordable Remy Hair I've found on the web. It is indeed great quality and this is actually my second time coloring the hair.

The hair was originally 2 packs of 16 inch and 18 inch Chocolate Bundle Remy in the shade "Natural". When I colored if the first time I used Kiss Express semi-permanent coloring in the shade "Black Cherry". This time around I chose the colors, "Intense Purple" and "Purple Rage". I'm extremely please with how well the hair accepted the bleaching and coloring. The Chocolate Bundle Remy even feels and looks a lot more like my pressed natural hair following the bleaching and coloring.

I have not had to add any oil, spritz, holding spray or gel to this hair at all. The hair is very well behaved and has it's own subtle sheen.

I have truly had a fantastic experience with this hair and I can't wait for my next purchase.


  1. Bleaches well
  2. Colors well
  3. Straightens well
  4. Very minimal tangling
  5. Very minimal shedding


"The company doesn't sell closures for the Chocolate Bundle Remy":o( 

If the company sold closures for this hair, I would never look to another company for hair that I wanted to manipulate in every way.  

This is my Final review for my Chocolate Bundle Remy hair. I decided to recolor the hair using a brighter color and I'm extremely pleased with the results. This remy hair is excellent quality for a fraction of the cost of most companies. Please visit and see the colors and prices of the hair for yourself, you will be pleasantly surprised! Unprocessed Virgin Cuticle Hair. Chocolate Bundle Remy! It can be dyed, permed, or bleached. Available colors are 1, 1B, 2 and 4. 
To view all the hair Chocolate hair has to offer visit this website

Hair color 1B
Ombre Color: -Kiss Express- "Purple Rage" and "Intense Purple"

Products Used:

4 packs "BW2" Bleaching powder

Clairol 30 Developer

ION color protect Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner

2 mixing cups

2 brushes

Review For Hicks Edge Control-

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Hair Ombre Color "Black Cherry"
Ombre re-color "Intense Purple" and "Purple Rage" 

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