Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yellow Eyeshadow Tutorial-How I apply eyeshadow to my hooded eyes

Yellow Eyeshadow, I've found a company that offers some of the best eyeshadows for black women. This video tutorial also includes a little lesson on eyeshadow techniques. How I make my hooded eye lids appear larger, and how I create a crease.

I used the Sugarpill Cosmetics Yellow color called "ButterCupCake" for this look as well as,  the Nyx Cosmetics "Natural Palette". I paired the look with a bright and bold red lip crayon by NYC Cosmetics called "South Ferry Berry" 040. I hope you all enjoy this eyeshadow look and pair it with different lips if red is not your color. I think it would be great with: Orange, Purple, Lavender, or Nude lipstick.

+NYX Cosmetics  +Sugarpill

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