Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mac Cosmetics Extra Dimension Skin Finish (Swatches) "Superb", "Whisper of Gilt", and "Glorify".

A super quick Bronzer Tutorial using Mac Cosmetics "Superb" Extra Dimension SkinFinish. I've been asked for a bronzer tutorial using this product and I thought I'd show swatches of the other two EDSF as well, "Whisper of Gilt" and "Glorify".

"Glorify" EDSF is absolutely gorgeous on darker skin tones and it's the one I use the most however, for this tutorial I wanted to show that no matter what your skin tone, you can wear them all with the proper application.

For darker skinned ladies (like myself) I usually apply bronzer at the top of my cheekbone and blend a bit with my blusher for a seamless glowing effect as I demonstrate in  the video below.

For Medium light to Fair skin tones I think "Whisper of Gilt" and "Superb" are equally beautiful and it really depends on the look which one you'd use and how much you'd use because they are VERY PIGMENTED (less is more).

Here are Pics of all three and a swatch on a dark skin tone:











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