Monday, December 2, 2013

Skin Care Talk: "Dry Skin Types"

Hello All! Hopefully your Thanksgiving was filled with memorable moments with family and friends. This is the perfect time to start Christmas shopping and racking up on those Cyber Monday deals. While you're at it, Be sure to pick up some great skin care products! Dry Skin needs to be nourished often in the winter months and here are a few tips to remember while you're out and about.


No matter your skin type, you must find the right cleanser. Cleansing is the first step in any skin routine. Cream cleansers are often the best choice for dry skin as they provide more moisture.
Toning your skin is the next step in your healthy skin care routine and having dry skin is no exception, however, wiping off your cream cleanser with a soft cotton swab or towel and toner will bring better results than rinsing with water. Make sure your Toner is Alcohol-Free, as alcohol strips the skin of its natural oils.
Moisturizing dry skin  is what it's all about my friends. Retaining moisture is a must for dry skin and cream moisturizers can really help. 
Dry skin persons can also benefit from Serums and Lotions that can plump skin cells and boost the skin cell renewing process. They should also look into soft setting face masks that hydrate instead of tighten. Also, night creams can help tremendously on dry skin, especially those that have an effect on dehydrated skin cells.
Now, that you have identified Dry Skin as your skin type and you know the type of cleansers, toners, and moisturizers your face and neck will need. Shopping for skin care items should be a heck of a lot easier! Be sure to read the packaging carefully and use the products accordingly!
Remember: Dry Skin Types usually develop wrinkles earlier, proper skin care can help alleviate this process.
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