Saturday, November 16, 2013

Skin Care Talk: Oily Skin, What Should I do?

This is the second post in my Skin Care Talk: "OILY SKIN TYPES"
Oily Skin types are usually combination skin types. I am no exception. I've realized that my once all over oily skin has transformed into combination skin with age. This means that I have oily skin but there are a few patches of dry skin on my forehead and cheeks.
You may have oily skin in your T-Zone and sensitive skin around your mouth area or anywhere else on the face. Combination skin can be very tricky!

The key to treating your Oily skin is to: Clean, Tone, and Moisturize.

Oily and Combination skin types should use "FOAM", "GEL" or lightweight cleansers for best results. Creams or Lotion cleansers may be too heavy or overly moisturizing for already greasy skin.

Oily to Combination skin types should tone their skin. The reason, is that we may have open pores that need to tighten and a good toner will help. Oily skin types should look for Alcohol-free toners with antibacterial ingredients such as witch hazel.

....And yes! Oily skin types MUST moisturize. Oily skin types need moisturizing because it will help the skin stay soft, youthful looking and protect the skin from the elements. Liquid or Lightweight moisturizers are excellent for oily skin because they don't add water and they prevent oil glands from becoming over active. Moisturizers should be worn under makeup because it will keep makeup from seeping into the pores and help with a more even application.

Makeup for Oily skin types should be a breeze to figure out now that you know your skin type. Foundations and Concealers should apply smoother and your skin should start to look and feel much better.

Bonus Practices:
Exfoliating is a great idea for Oily skin! at least 2 times a week.
Clay or Hard Setting Masks are also great for oily skin types and those with large pores.

Thank you guys for reading this post and sharing with an Oily Skin Type friend. Remember to comment and subscribe to this blog for more interesting and helpful skin, hair, and makeup topics~
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