Friday, November 1, 2013

Translucent Powder-Review

Hello! Hello! Hello!

I've been on a search for a translucent powder that was inexpensive, actually translucent on dark skin  tones and one that won't flash back in flash photography. I think I've found as close to my ideal lower end translucent powder than I could hope for.

The NYC Cosmetics Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder in #741A "Translucent",
  • Sets under eye concealer instantly
  • Does NOT flash back in photos
  • Is very finely milled and is virtually non scented
  • Hasn't caused me any irritation
  • Has helped keep my OILY Nose-Cheeks-Chin-and Forehead matte, just a little longer than usual.
The ONE downside to the powder is that darker skin tones will have to blend this powder out a little more for a smooth non-cakey finish. Or I've found using a little bit less on my skin (especially under the eye where I have creases that concealer and powder usually settle)has helped a lot, I've been experiencing a far more flawless outcome, especially in close-up photos. Like the photo below!

Overall I would recommend NYC Cosmetics Translucent powder to anyone who will take the time to learn which way works best for them to use it. It's definitely workable and at $2.99 in the local drugstores, it's worth a try.
Here are a few photos and little snippet of a video while using the product.

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