Monday, November 4, 2013

Who was Max Factor? History in Beauty.

Let's talk lip gloss, shall we?

Okay ladies, I'm a very curious person by nature and I've always been a person who loves to read interesting facts on just about everything. Lately I've turned my inquisitiveness to lip gloss. How is it made? Who invented it? Wasn't lipstick enough? Well, I've found the answer to those questions and much more.

Lip gloss, as we have come to know it was invented by Mr. Max Factor. Born in Lodz, Poland 1877.  This extraordinary gentleman went from being an apprentice wig maker to, just about pioneering the entire western cosmetic/makeup movement.

Max Factor wanted to create a product that would make lips look shiny and glossy for Hollywood films and he did just that.
Lip gloss (at the time) was actually made from whale blubber and oil. Now, lip gloss is made from different waxes, like the lip balm "Burts Bees" which makes it's balms with  bee's wax, and some use essential oils that help heal and revitalize the skin, some of course have been tinted with color pigment, like the Mac lip glasses and glosses, they're even perfumed and smell like vanilla cupcakes!

Max Factor went on to create False Lashes, the Eyebrow Pencil, and Pancake Makeup (which is much like our theatrical makeup today.) Max Factor had the hugest names in Hollywood as his personal clients, Judy Garland, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford to name a few. His first commercially available gloss was called, Max Factor's "X-Rated" -1932.

So, the rest is literally HIS-tory! LOL There are many people making their own lip glosses and lip balms at home. You can do virtually anything you put your mind to folks!

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