Thursday, October 24, 2013

Revlon Nails Trend

Hey Nail Junkies!

+Revlon Trends  recently introduced 4 new nail colors in their Fall 2013 "Evening Opulence Collection".  The colors include  "Rich" (which is a beautiful yellow tone gold) "Seductive" (Which is a gorgeous purple). "Divine" and "Elusive".

I was only able to find two of the nail polishes at my local +CVS/pharmacy :

"Divine" which is a deep and sexy cranberry tone with a hint of golden sparkle. This color truly is divine and it applies beautifully with two coats. I think it's a perfect color for the upcoming holidays but it isn't a color I haven't seen before in many other brands. I recently purchased +Essie France "Wrapped in Rubies" and the colors are very similar.

"Elusive" (Which is an absolutely fantastic color for Halloween) is a matte black base with 3 different shades of green micro glitter and I even detect some micro blue/teal glitter as well as, hex glitters. This color is definitely original. If you want this color to shine it's best, you must use two coats and a top coat.


Overall,  I think this collection hit home for the fall and I can't wait to see what's in store for 2014!!!

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