Saturday, October 12, 2013

Foundation and Concealer Review

 These are swatches of the Black Opal Cosmetics "Crème to Powder", "Perfecting Powder" and Concealers. I have come to really love the formulation of all three.

The "Crème to Powder" Foundation gives me a nice dewy finish. It makes my clients and myself look as though we has super healthy and young skin.

The "Perfecting Powder" Foundation is excellent for flawless, timeless looks. My skin never looked so beautiful.

The Concealer works great hiding blemishes and hyperpigmentation in the skin. It never feels heavy and sets very easily.

I have a foundation tutorial using the "Crème to Powder" Foundation and here's the link:

Here's a picture of the "Perfecting Powder" Foundation below:

Black Opal Concealers

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