Friday, October 18, 2013

Coastal Scents Palette Reviews with Swatches

Hello Makeup Junkies!

If I had to choose some palettes that have truly stood the tests of time with me, it would have to be my +Coastal Scents Makeup palettes. The 88 Warm palette, 88 Metal Mania Palette, 88 Color Palette, and the 56 Blush and eye shadow palette have done an outstanding job keeping my eyes and cheeks looking their best for the past 2 years!

Every time I think I've moved on to a new purchase from another company, I always find myself going back to my Coastal Scents palettes for my brow bone or lid color. The palettes have truly become a permanent staple in my kit and many of the colors in the Metal Mania palette and Warm palette are exact dupes of higher end makeup brands. (I will definitely do a new post soon showing some comparisons to MAC eye shadows I have in my collection).

I love each palette for very different reasons:
The 88 Color Palette is all matte finishes except for perhaps 5 shadows, which have more of a metal finish. I truly adore matte shadows most of the time and they always make great brow bone highlights or I can pat them over lipsticks to dull the finish.

The 88 Metal Mania  is most definitely an eye lid palette. I know that every time I use my Metal Mania palette I'm going for a sultry and glamorous look.

The 56 Blush and E/S Palette is a mix between matte and sparkle. I love being creative with this particular palette and I don't always have to reach for a glitter!

Lastly, The 88 Warm Palette is spectacular! I find the most dupes in this palette and there's a great mix between mattes-sparkle-and shimmer. It is an everyday appropriate palette and it can be a fun night's definitely my GO-TO-Bridal Palette, even taking the place of my Urban Decay Naked Palette most of the time.

The pigmentation of these palettes are absolutely outstanding. As of today, Coastal Scents is having a sale on their Warm Palette (which is my favorite) for just $11!!! 

Since purchasing these palettes nearly 2 years ago, Coastal Scents has come out with so many new and colorful palettes. Go over and check out you'll be amazed and the bargains and selection they have to offer.

Here are some swatches and views of the palettes I own, hopefully this can help you make a decision on your purchase.

56 Blush and Eye Shadow Palette

 88 Warm Palette

 88 Metal Mania Palette

 88 Color Palette

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