Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vaseline Uses

This is an age old question that I've been asked a million times as a makeup artist, "What should I use to remove all this makeup?" Many people would answer Cold Cream!

However, my Nana (Grandmother) always told me 3 things about beauty.

  1. Beauty shouldn't be a weapon, but an asset.
  2. Never sleep in makeup.
  3. Petroleum Jelly is the biggest beauty secret of all time. Use it as: "Makeup Removal", "Skin Softener" and "Anti-Wrinkle night cream under the eyes"
I've been using petroleum jelly under my eyes since I started wearing makeup. People often ask me how I get such smooth eyelids and how bright my eyes always look. I'm not a scientist but, I can say that maybe, just maybe, my Nana was on to something. I've tried Cold Cream and I like it but, nothing softens my eye area or removes those stubborn smokey eyes like Petroleum Jelly.

It's even a bit cheaper!

For 26 other uses of Petroleum Jelly, check out this site:   +Reader's Digest

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