Thursday, August 22, 2013

LashBrat Lashes Show & Tell

I Love Lashes!!!

I know most of you love lashes just as much as I do. I recently entered a contest on +Instagram  and I won the entire 2013 collection of Lash Brat Lashes.
They were mailed to me in a large bubbled vanilla envelope. Inside were the gorgeous lashes stored in cute hot pink and white boxes (Made from Recycled Paper). Every thing was surrounded with pretty pink paper. I also received a little thank you note for entering the contest by the owner of the company @IamLashBrat . Included in the packaging was a plastic pink storage container with a super adorable black bow, in which you can store up to 3 pairs of lashes.

I've worn LashBrat Lashes in several tutorials on my youtube channel and I must say I am impressed. The lashes look great and the designs are all very flattering to the eyes. The band on the lashes don't loose their rounded shape which helps with application, they curl very nicely with a lash curler, and they look amazing in pictures.  My favorites are the "Twilight" and "J'Adore".

Please go over to her website and checkout these lovely lashes:

Wearing "J'Adore" LashBrat Lashes.



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