Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Eye Shadows I Hate

Hello Ladies!

Have you ever bought a product because of all the hype and got it home just to completely HATE IT?

Today my HATED--IT Beauty Confession is the "Call Me Bubbles" Quad by Mac Cosmetics. I swear that "Shop-Cook Collection" had us going to the Mac store in droves. Many of the products sold out before they hit the stands.
I was one of the gullible groupies who rushed out to the Mac store just to stand in line for one of the most colorful collections Mac ever had.
Now that I look back, it had to be the packaging.  Unfortunately, I got rid of mine because it wasn't permanent packaging...it was the same black/clear top Mac packaging, placed inside of a super cute colorful box.
I also think that Mac didn't consider their darker skin toned customers in the color choices of this collection. I was only able to use one color in this palette and it was the bronzy-orange (bottom right).
Color Added Quad
Call Me Bubbles Quad

Just look at the gorgeous packaging!
They must've used ALL blush for the Black Model's Look
If you are a Woman of Color and you own or in my case OWNED this quad, please share your experiences because I truly despise it. I am still, a MAC FAN! I just think the quads in this collection were a hiccup in their judgment. 

I think the Lipsticks and Glosses were a better buy!

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