Saturday, March 30, 2013

The New-Loreal Power Volume Mascara-Review

 Hey Lovelies!

I picked up this mascara 2 days ago and decided to give it a Go!
I have not regretted it.

This mascara is not thick and clumpy at all. It's very smokey and gives eyelashes that sexy/wispy, come hither look. I swear this stuff pulls lashes from places you never knew you had them.

The packaging is very nice. It's sleek, black and modern looking with the name of the product on a silver strip (right on the body). It has a click to close top so you won't make a mistake and dry out your product.

I love the bristles on the wand. Not too long and not too short. It's just perfect for short to medium lashes because it can comb them but also build them up from the root without irritating/scratching your lids.

The only thing I don't like is the size of the wand. It's too short in my opinion. The whole wand was about the size of my index finger and I prefer a longer wand like the Lash Stiletto wand from Maybelline.

Overall I'd call it a good buy, especially for those who don't wear falsies and want a thicker fuller look.

Before Loreal Power Volume 24 Hr Mascara

After Loreal Power Volume 24 Hr Mascara

This pic was taken after one good coat to bottom and top lashes. #WOW

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