Monday, March 11, 2013

Best Eyeshadows for black women

As a dark skinned woman I am constantly on a search for eye shadows that actually show-up on my eye lids! I've tried many drugstore brands such as Maybelline, Revlon, and Cover Girl but, all they had to offer were the same old SAFE eye colors our mothers and grandmothers used to wear.

I needed some eye shadows that were popping and electric! I wanted to take my makeup artistry to another level and I needed a popping and electric brand to do it; That's when I was introduced to Sugarpill Cosmetics.

My first purchase was the "Burning Heart Palette" and I am over pleased with the pigmentation, quality and quantity of the product.

The Color Names are as Follows:
TopL: "Flamepoint"
TopR: "Buttercupcake"
BottomL: Love+
BottomR: "Poison Plum"

This palette has definitely had a huge impact on my company which is happily named,
"Candy Lids Inc." The vivid, bold colors are exactly what I was looking for and the price point for the amount of product in this palette is excellent. I've had my palette (using it frequently) more than 8 months now. Check out their website:
Click this video of me using the palette!

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