Monday, March 25, 2013

The Best Eyelash Glue

Revlon Brush Applicator

Hey Ladies!,

As we all know, lashes are in!!! You cannot complete a look these days without a gorgeous pair of lashes and if God allowed His angels to lick your eyelids and you have thick, long pair of your own (I HATE YOU!!!) Just kidding! *wink wink* LOL

Revlon Glue Transparency
It is so very important to find the right eyelash adhesive because the last thing you want is to be batting your eyes at Mr. Right, and a black caterpillar starts crawling down your face! LMAO. Yup! it's happened to me. I was just standing there and I could feel the wind blowing my eyelash away and I was so embarrassed I wanted to make myself invisible!

I can tell you ladies that I've found two eyelash adhesives that are super strong and super affordable. The First, Revlon Precision Adhesive is Great!

  • It comes in a tube you can carry with you.
  • It has an awesome brush applicator for easy fixes/touchups.
  • The glue itself is very thin and nearly transparent.
  • It dries almost Clear! In some instances there is no need for gel or liquid liner to cover the lash line.
The Second Great Lash Adhesive (that I actually threw my Duo Lash adhesive away for) is LashGrip! I mean this stuff gives me LIFE! My lashes don't budge! I have used this lash adhesive with some huge, stiff lashes and it was the only glue that held them in place. If you've seen my Youtube Channel you'd know I love dramatic looks and huge divalicious lashes.

  • You have to wait at least 30 seconds for this stuff to get tacky.
  • It goes on kinda paste-like
  • It dries with a little film, that can definitely be covered by liner.
  • LashGrip (Top) Revlon (Bottom)
  • It comes in a squeezable tube but a little last a long way.

BEST PRO OF ALL: Revlon and LashGrip Both Come in DARK TONE, so they easily blend in with your eyeliner for a completely seamless look!!!

-Cyber Kisses-

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