Thursday, March 28, 2013

30 Eye Shadows in 1 Palette?!!!

Hey Beauty's,

I've always been a fan of Mac Cosmetics especially their eye shadows and pigments. The pigmentation of their shadows, for the most part, is outstanding. Mac just has a way of coming up with the most gorgeous colors you could never think of!

I had decided about a month ago to start a neutral MAC eye shadow palette for my kit and I would've been 3 shadows away from completion until February when Mac introduced their 30 Pan palette! They just keep me on the edge of my seat...I swear, buying 15 more shadows is like a blessing and a curse. The shadows run $11.50 for the pan and $14.50 in their individual packaging. The large palette is $25 and boasts the ability to host Blush, Eye shadows, or customize with different inserts. The inserts are all $9.
I'm loving this palette so far, so sleek and well put together. It closes with a magnet and it has a clear divider to protect the shadows or makeup from mingling while still allowing you to see what you need.

I'm enjoying the hunt for my favorite neutrals but now I'm thinking of making my other side bold colors or even depoted lipsticks! The possibilities are endless!!!

(The Cracked Eye Shadow is my favorite for the inner corner of the eye, "All that Glitters". Gotta replace it.)

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