Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mac Cosmetics Fix+

This is super long over due!

If you have not made Mac's Fix+ a part of your everyday makeup routine then you're missing the greatest part!

I had purchased Fix+ about a year and a half ago and hardly used it at all. I never really understood the purpose of the product, until I watched Goss The Makeup Artist on youtube. He had a video explaining how to get rid of creasing when using under eye concealer. Goss stated that spraying Fix+ prior to applying the concealer could somehow fill in the lines and help with a smooth application. Now, I had my doubts because I've tried everything to stop that creasing but, I decided to give one more remedy a try. It worked for me! I swear to you guys, the creasing is no more! After that experience I saw a post on Instagram by "Mac_daddyy", in which he stated: "I always start with spraying Fix+ on my bare skin. It's refreshing and I feel like it helps everything stay on better and glide on smoother. It's hands down my all time favorite MAC product!" Mac_Daddyy goes on to say that he sprays another generous amount of Fix+ after he's applied the makeup and that he views Fix+ as Photoshop in a bottle!

I have been taking in all these reviews and I've actually put Fix + to the test. I will gladly say that Fix+ is like a second skin. It is definitely refreshing, it keeps your makeup on much longer, it helps in problem areas where there's creasing, I've even used Fix+ mixed with pigments to create a custom eyeliner or sprayed on your brush to intensify the color of your shadow. The ultimate use for me is when you feel too powdered or chalky, spraying Fix+ on your face livens up your face and makes you look dewy, fresh and alert. I have a new Love!

P.S. Did I mention, Fix+ doesn't expire for 24 months?!

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