Sunday, March 17, 2013


What's really going on, my plus sized divas!

Well, let's be honest, big girls perspire in many places and it's very important that we take care of the issue.
I've always been taught that young women should wear panty liners everyday because the female body is constantly secreting fluids to keep itself clean.  However, we also know that any damp, warm environment can also cause the build up of bacteria and that is also true for the vaginal area.
Therefore, being a larger woman it is extremely important to keep ourselves dry and deodorized in that area as much as possible and sometimes bathing simply isn't enough.

Lately, I'd began to get so hot before my monthly cycle I thought I was going through (THE CHANGE) early! I asked my OB/GYN what was going on. She stated that when you reach your 30's or start having children (which ever comes first) your body will indeed go through some pH-balance changes. There really isn't anything I can take or do, it's just a part of being a woman. So, I took matters into my own hand and started researching products that would help me maintain that cool and fresh, feeling before, during, and shortly after my period.
The first product is "Summer's Eve Cleansing Wash". I love this stuff because it's pH-balanced, Dermatologist and Gynecologist Tested and it's for sensitive skin! The doctor even said this is a great product to shower with AFTER SEX because it helps to restore the pH in our vaginal area.

My second Breakthrough product for this time of the month is the new "Secret Deodorant, Clinical Strength". Ladies, I have used Secret since I started wearing deodorant and I thought with this 2 week change in my system that there was nothing out there I could use to help me stop sweating...I lied! This stuff is the BOMB!!! I only use it right before my period and I go back to my normal strength without any irritations of any sort. The best part's WATER PROOF!

I hope this post didn't make you blush too much ladies! I especially hope it's helpful. Take care of your bodies needs...and that means, every part of your body ;o)

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