Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to Clean your Makeup

Hello Everyone! I was asked by a subscriber to my youtube channel, to show how I depot my lipsticks. I made a video over the weekend about cleaning your makeup and the expiration date on makeup but, I didn't go into depth about the lipsticks after cleaning them.

1.)The first thing I did was sanitize the lippies by exposing the entire lipstick, immersing it in 70% volume alcohol or greater for 30 seconds.
2.) I wiped off an entire layer of the lipstick with a clean paper towel.
3.)I used a cosmetic spatula to cut the lipstick from the packaging and to scoop the remainder of the lipstick out and into the container.

I was absolutely amazed at how much product was in the tube after cutting the exposed lipstick!

I found these cute little containers at Jo Ann's Fabrics called "Craft Lockables", they were perfect for my kit and created so much room! I have them organized by color and it is so much easier to find the shade I need now. So glad I did this for myself...You can too:o)

Check out how I clean the rest of my Makeup on this Youtube video!

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